Ceramidin™ Moisture Boost Gift Set

Product Details

Dry, dull skin? Packed with nourishing ceramides, our fan-favourite Ceramidin™ collection will moisturise and reinforce skin’s barrier to keep skin soft, supple, and healthy looking. You’ll find in this set our cult Ceramidin™ Skin Barrier Moisturizing Cream, Ceramidin™ Eye Cream and not one, but three sheet masks to triple your pampering moments.

What you get:

Ceramidin™ Skin Barrier Moisturizing Cream 15ml:
Meet the dry skin hero, supercharged. Now with twice more Ceramides (2.3%) and vitamin-derived Panthenol, this next-level moisturiser strengthens skin’s barrier, locks in moisture and helps skin feel bouncier. It has a buttery-rich texture you’d love, but sinks in at record speed. Expect skin that feels supple, smooth and super moisturised right away. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Ceramidin™ Eye Cream 20ml: Do double duty with this dual-function eye cream that locks-in moisture to provide immediate deep moisturisation and comfort while brightening the under-eye area. Skin feels supple, smooth and super moisturised right away.

3x Ceramidin™ Skin Barrier Moisturizing Mask: When your skin barrier needs something extra, this sheet mask is your friend. Coated in our Barrier Strengthening Solution loaded with Ceramide NP plus Panthenol and Glycerin, it overflows skin with moisture and strengthens the skin barrier.