Dr.Jart+ Essences and Toners


The Dr.Jart+ hardworking Korean Toners & Essences deliver essential hydration, lock in moisture and prep your skin for the rest of your routine.

People often forget about the importance of toners and essences but we don’t. Korean toners are the beauty expert’s way to clear skin of excess dirt and oil, while rebalancing the surface and preparing it to absorb the beneficial ingredients in moisturiser. That sounds pretty unforgettable right? That’s why Korean toners should be used in between cleansing and hydration. New to toners? Don’t worry, we’ll help you find one based on your skincare’s unique needs. Whether searching for a Korean toner for oily skin or a Korean toner for dry skin, Dr.Jart+ makes best-selling Korean skin toners for every skincare concern. The most effective Korean toner for dry skin is our Ceramidin™ Liquid. It’s a lightweight and moisturising Korean toner that delivers essential hydration, locks-in moisture and preps skin for your Ceramidin™ routine. And if you need a Korean toner for soothing? That’s when you reach for Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Calming Mist, which is formulated with Dr.Jart+'s Green Repair Solution — a proprietary derma complex that brings together Tiger Grass (Centella Asiatica aka Cica),  a blend of herbs, minerals, a moisturising humectant, and a probiotic ferment. This unique toner helps dry skin feel instantly soothed and refreshed and provides immediate hydrating relief for skin that feels tight and dry. All of Dr.Jart+’s Korean toners are designed by a team of artists and creative engineers to ensure you tone up your skin with the best possible products that are also a true pleasure to use. (And, of course, to Instagram.)