Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Solutions


Kickstart your new routine with one of our sets featuring essentials from each of our collections. Deeply moisturise with Ceramidin™, soothe with Cicapair™ or hydrate with Vital Hydra Solution!

Everybody likes getting a gift. And the best gift? A gift to yourself. We think about our gift sets as carefully as we think about our collections. Not all skincare gift sets are created equal. Dr.Jart+ skincare gift sets combine our key values of science and art to deliver uniquely-packaged products that also work wonders. All packaging is crafted with graphics created by renowned contemporary designers, and then filled up with our most effective and coveted skincare products on the global market - we told you, we put a lot of effort into them and tbh our skincare gift sets are what everyone wants as a present. Here are our favourites: The Cicapair™ Your First Trial kit which comes with our three Cicapair™ essentials to help calm sensitive skin and help reduce redness from your complexion. Infused with tiger grass from the Asian wetlands, our patented Cicapair™ calming complex has the strength to help rebalance your skin tone, but with a gentle formula that keeps skin calm and soothed. Or try our Ceramidin Travel kit to get moisture on the move. Specially formulated with Dr.Jart+'s Ceramidin Complex™ to help protect dry skin from moisture loss and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.


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