Dr.Jart+ Colour Correctors


Looking for an all in one product? Then look no further than our protecting and perfecting BB Cream or our TikTok famous Colour Correcting Treatment.

Did you know that the best Korean BB creams and colour corrector products come from Dr.Jart+. That’s because before any other Korean BB Creams existed, Dr.Jart+ created the very first one, and our beauty experts have been constantly innovating and perfecting the product ever since. Oh you haven’t come across Korean BB creams before? Ok well, they’re innovative, all-in-one creams that provide hydration, colour correction, glow, sun protection, and smoothness all in one small tube. Sound pretty amazing right? They are and also, they are super easy to add into your routine – just add in as the last step or you can use them on their own for a dewy glow. BB Creams aren’t the only colour correctors – we’ve also got our Cicapair™ Colour Correcting Treatment that soothes and calms sensitive skin whilst helping to reduce redness. It’s down to the magic ingredient: tiger grass, a plant from the Asian wetlands so soothing and potent, even jungle tigers use it to help. It’s a real must have – give it a try and let us know how you get on?