Korean Gifts UK: Wrap it up with a Ssam

Give outside the box. Wrap gifts in a limited-edition, reusable ssam.

What’s a Ssam?

Ssam means wrapped in Korean.

It’s a traditional way to wrap gifts or food using a big leafy veggie.

These silky fabric Ssams are inspired by our penguin and tiger mascots, use them to wrap presents (read: cut down on waste) and do other fun stuff.

New colors and prints.

These silky fabric ssams are limited edition with unlimited potential.

Get Creative.

Twist, tie, drape, hang - ssams can be upcycled into bags, scarves, and other fun stuff.

Wrap like a pro.

Fold and mind your concerns. Then tie it off with a bow.

Two ways to tie it

Follow these simple steps to perfect your Ssam skills.