Filterspace is a unique space in Seoul, where you can experience Dr.Jart+ DNA through art projects and unique & fun experiences focusing on Dr.Jart+ products…


Including Re.Pair Shop, Play Cera, Cera Spa, Sleeping Laboratory and much more!

It started as the flagship store. Filterspace was a space that actually embodied the fundamental factors of healthy life and skin: water, air and light, in their most refined form; filtered. We applied the “filter” concept to each floors including a purified water bar (water filter), an air shower (air filter) and a space focusing on light movement (light filter).


The space evolved into so much more: an accessible environment constantly adapting with Dr.Jart+'s expansion of products. A place to learn all about the fundamentals behind each new collection and and the key ingredients and concepts behind them.

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From dryness to dullness, we have the right treatment for you.